Leopard Slug From Yorkshire

Limax maximus Linnaeus 1758

Ken Wood from Yorkshire had been so kind as to send us a picture of a leopard slug (Limax maximus) he had found near to Swinsty in Yorkshire in the UK. On one hand this Limax maximus had grown to be relatively large with 16,4 cm (6,6 in.).

On the other, Proschwitz and Falkner had established Yorkshire as locus typicus to the species Limax maximus. In this they followed the original description by Linné, who had, in Latin, referred to an area near Eboracum (i.e. modern York). So specimens of Limax maximus found there are used as a template for the determination of all members of the species. Mr Wood was also as forthcoming as to provide us with a picture of the finding site.


Limax maximus aus Swinsty, Yorkshire, GB

Bild: Ken Wood.

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