Dear visitor,

thank you first for visiting my homepage on "The Living World of Molluscs"!

I have been doing some heavy work on updating all my English pages, working over some of them and freshly translating others. Some pages, which were not available in English so far, will be written from scratch.

The result is that now there is an all new domain for the English edition of the homepage alone. It is called "The Living World of Molluscs" on I make no difference between "molluscs" in British English and "mollusks" in American English. The texts, though, will be written in British English.

So I would recommend you only to bookmark the address and to stay posted on the development of the site: I will keep you informed about the proceeding of my work (Latest additions), and I would greatly appreciate your informing me on any errors I have made.

You may also meet me on the English discussion board on

Even after my recently moving places back to Germany, the Austrian domain address will remain constant. So will; for the matter of coherence, this, too, was selected as an Austrian domain.

So far thank you kindly


Robert Nordsieck

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